Water-Soluble CBD: The Facts

The dosage forms of CBD have been evolving at an astronomical rate. CBD Tinctures once ruled, however there are now more ways than ever to ingest CBD. Some of these methods include oils, edibles, and CBD-infused drinks.

By 2022, the CBD beverage market will be worth $260 million which will lead to increase interest in water-soluble CBD solutions. Just like the CBD evolution, over ten years ago, no one heard about this non-psychoactive cannabinoid and now it’s forecasted to be worth a staggering $22 billion by 2020.

So you’re probably wondering, what is water-soluble CBD?

Our bodies contain roughly 70% water and CBD oil (a popular way of ingesting CBD) will not absorb into our bodies easily. Oil and water don’t mix and in order to increase bioavailability, a water-soluble CBD solution needed to be created.

Bioavailability means “the degree and rate of which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of interaction.” As beneficial as CBD oil is for us, we still have roughly 70% water which can potentially mean a huge difference in bioavailability amongst the most popular CBD intake methods (tincture, capsule, edibles, drinks).

In the cases of CBD edible and CBD drinks, research shows that the bioavailability of CBD could be as little as 4%! This means that up to 96% of CBD could be wasted and flushed from the body.

Low-bioavailability rates has led to the development of water-soluble CBD solutions. Since our bodies contain roughly 70% water, it makes perfect sense to have a CBD product that blends well with water to ensure the body is absorbing the non-psychoactive cannabinoid as efficiently as possible.

Water-Soluble CBD: The Process

Water-Soluble CBD uses a process called nanotechnology. Nanotechnology uses soundwaves to break down the CBD into micro particles smaller than 100 nanometers (one-millionth of a millimeter).

Once the CBD gets broken down into these tiny particles, it will then be small enough to dissolve and blend with the water molecules.

We at CBDMagic will utilize this process more efficiently than any of the other companies on the market.

Water-Soluble CBD: The Benefits

CBD is a hydrophobic compound which means it does not mix well with water. Compounds that mix well with water are called hydrophilic.

Water-Soluble CBD is more efficient and will be more affordable due to this efficiency. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Higher concentration of bioavailability than other CBD products
  • Increase CBD-infused beverages
  • Increase CBD-infused edibles
  • More consistent dosing
  • Endless combinations with drinks and foods

Water-Soluble CBD: Changing the Market

There aren’t too many water-soluble CBD products on the market and this is a big reason why it could potentially change the way CBD is administered.

Ronan Levy, a chief strategy officer at Trait Biosciences (water-soluble CBD company) stated the following to Cannabis Business Times:

“I’m one of the believers that the biggest opportunity in cannabis is to displace alcohol, but to provide cannabis consumption in a way that our entire society is used to, which is sitting down with a bottle or a glass and drinking and socializing. If you do that with cannabis and not have hangovers and not have those terrible health effects…it’s going to be a natural displacement for alcohol.”

Levy goes on saying most beverages on the market have a natural occurrence of separation since water and oil don’t mix and this doesn’t’ make for the best beverage experience.

“Someone described it to me the other day, and I think it was appropriate. The guy I was speaking to was instrumental in developing gluten-free foods in Canada, and he said version one gluten-free foods, they were by and large, pretty bad. They didn’t taste good, they had terrible texture, but if you had Celiac’ s Disease, it gave you an option. But with time, technology, investment and more people flooding into the market of gluten-free foods, the quality of gluten-free foods has increased substantially and now the gluten-free breads are comparable with other breads.

“The cannabis industry is the same way. There are drinks out there that people are consuming because they like the format, but they don’t taste very good, they have an unpredictable effect, and I think the first line of products coming out are probably going to be bad to OK. But with time, investment and technologies that address a lot of the fundamental issues around the existing technologies that make mediocre drinks, you’re going to see the quality of beverages improve.

“My instinct from a market perspective is people who are just trying to throw cannabinoids into existing products like the alcohol-less wine and add cannabinoids instead, I don’t think that’s the direction. I think there’s going to be a unique category of cannabis beverages that are distinct from the existing categories of alcohol beverages, such that you have wine, vodka, tequila and then there’s going to be a category of cannabis beverages that aren’t exactly any of those. I think it’s going to be its own category, like tequila is different than vodka.”

Water-Soluble: Final Thoughts

When you look back to the beginning of CBD, the administration methods were limited and as time went on, more and more methods were developed and streamlined. In this industry, it is evolving at an incredible rate and it would not be shocking to see water-soluble CBD making a significant impact on the market.

In the fast-pace world we live in today, it’s all about ease-of-use and convenience. Imagine being able to scoop up the perfect amount of CBD and adding it to your favourite beverage anytime, anywhere. Your body would absorb and receive more milligrams with each dose when compared to other methods.

Since water-soluble CBD is more efficient, it will save you a lot more and be easier on your wallet. We at CBDMagic are determined to create and deliver an exceptional water-soluble CBD solution like you’ve never seen before.

We are currently working with a team of scientists and developing the best way to use nanotechnology to our advantage. Please stay tuned as we are on the verge of an revolutionary product.

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