There are many questions unanswered regarding the shelf life of CBD oil. How long will CBD oil last once the bottle is opened? Maybe this is the most asked question regarding the product which has many health benefits. Some of them are pain relief, fighting depression and anxiety, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, treating acne, beneficial for your heart and many more.

The market for CBD oil is only increasing as research indicates an increasing number of benefits of various forms of CBD. The only important thing to remember is that CBD oil needs to be preserved well. A few things can help you determine if the CBD oil you are using is suitable for your consumption.

What is the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

Research has found that CBD oil has a shelf life of two years if the bottle is sealed. If opened for consumption, it should be consumed in a time span of one year from the day of opening. It is found that over time the oil breaks down. Since it is organic, the process can take time, and there is no telling as it can sometimes take months or even years.

The process of degradation and breaking down of the oil is highly affected by exposure to air, heat, and light. It is due to its organic nature and having almost no preservatives in it. The potency of the oil is said to be the most within the first year of opening the bottle. It is usually recommended to consume it during this time period.

The use of this oil is such that most users consume it before the degradation process has started. For example, a 30 ml bottle of CBD oil can have 30 doses of 1 ml each, while another 50 ml bottle has 50 doses of 1 ml each. Therefore, based on these assumptions, the bottle will be expected to last 30-50 days, a short period for no breakdown to start.

Old CBD Oil – When to consume it?

Before using old CBD oil that you might have discovered on your shelf or your desk, there are a few things that you should check. If the CBD oil is less than a year old, it’s usually safe to consume it. If consumed after a few days/months of opening it, there might be some bitterness in the oil, but it is a natural change in its taste due to the breakdown process.

How to know that your CBD Oil has expired?

As discussed earlier, the breakdown process is fast-forwarded by exposing the oil to air, light, or heat, and then it is very likely that the oil can go bad. Some of the signs are to check if the oil is black, cloudy, and foggy. A rancid smell or taste to it also indicates the oil has gone bad. The reason for oil to become rancid is because of the oxidization of MCT oil. It is nothing unnatural as this ingredient is oxidized when exposed to air or heat.

  • Expiration Date: Check the bottle or packaging for an expiration date. CBD oil has a limited shelf life, typically around 1 to 2 years, so if the expiration date has passed, it may indicate that the oil is old.
  • Appearance: Observe the color and clarity of the oil. Fresh CBD oil is usually golden or light amber in color. If the oil appears dark, cloudy, or has sediment at the bottom, it may be an indication of age or poor quality.
  • Smell: Take a sniff of the oil. Fresh CBD oil has a mild, earthy, and sometimes slightly nutty aroma. If the oil has a rancid or unpleasant smell, it could be a sign that it has gone bad.
  • Taste: If it’s safe to do so, taste a small amount of the oil. Fresh CBD oil generally has a mild, grassy flavor with slight bitterness. If the oil tastes off, sour, or unusually unpleasant, it may be old or of low quality.
  • Consistency: Observe the consistency of the oil. Fresh CBD oil typically has a smooth, uniform texture. If the oil has separated into layers or appears thick and clumpy, it may have degraded over time.

How to Increase the Shelf life of your CBD Oil?

CBD oil needs to be preserved and kept in a cool and dark place and far away from sunlight. It will increase the oil’s shelf life and thus slow down the degradation process of the oil. The oil should be placed inside a cupboard, cabinet, bag, or purse if kept in a cool and dry place. Keeping the CBD oil in the fridge is the safest option, but it is too extreme as the oil will generally be over in the next two months.

The oil should not be removed from its primary packaging and always be kept in the dark-tinted glass bottle. These bottles are air-tight as the purpose is to prevent the exposure of light and air and prevent the CBD from early degradation.

What is the shelf life of CBD Gummies and Creams?

The shelf life for these two products are not the same. CBD creams, like CBD oil, usually last for 1-2 years since its manufacturing date but it also depends on how you preserve it. CBD Gummies on the other hand typically last anywhere from 3-6 months and should be kept refrigerated to maintain its freshness and potency. Both of these products should not be exposed to heat, air, and direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dark place. It is advisable to consume these products soon after the purchase.

CBD is a growing industry as more people are being educated and becoming aware of the benefits of CBD oil and other such CBD products. We had come a long way in the journey of using CBD oil as a medicine when it was considered taboo years back. Now that you are informed about this oil’s preservation and shelf life, we hope you put it to good use and ease your recurring health issues.