Today, we see millions of people tackling cigarette addiction, whether from our generation or older. Cigarette smoking is a habit that most people find extremely tough to quit due to the frequent kickbacks. There are products such as nicotine gums, patches, and a few others which tackle the problem to an extent, but they have their side effects, and the success rates are usually not very high.

It is natural for people who failed to achieve success using these products to look for a better and more natural way to help them deal with this age-old problem. These people are now turning to CBD, as it could help smokers get rid of their additions for good. But most importantly, it could do so with little to no side effects.

More researchers are looking into CBD to come up with products that could take this market head-on. Let us dive deeper into how CBD helps treat addiction and why it is a preferred method for many people.

How is CBD Helpful in Treating Cigarette Addiction?

CBD is a natural component, and it’s non-addictive with the least risk for the same, unlike its alternatives, said a report by the World Health Organisation. CBD is extracted from a sister plant of cannabis, i.e., Hemp. Even though THC has psychoactive characteristics, we have seen that CBD does not share this characteristic with THC. CBD is used by many to cure insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, body aches, and more.

Statistics show that people are more oriented to a CBD-based treatment wherever possible as its naturally sourced alternative to prescription meds. CBD is also found in our body. Therefore, it has no ill reactions. The only reaction to this product reported for its excessive use by consumers is drowsiness. Rare effects might be dizziness or nausea. Although, it is highly unlikely to overdose on such a compound.

Nowadays, it looks promising that CBD can help cure nicotine addiction. Let us look at some of them.

Reduction in Nicotine Intake

CBD is now an alternative that is proven to have fewer side effects and is healthier. With time people are changing and prefer to use a natural product over a prescription drug. Therefore, the use of nicotine gums and patches is going down, and so is the intake of nicotine. It also saves us from the side effects of using prescription drugs, such as damage to teeth, bleeding gums, stomach aches, and more caused by the nicotine gums. The patches have many side effects like headaches, nausea, sleep issues, and a racing heart.

CBD protects the user from these side effects and also reduces nicotine intake.

A Cheaper Alternative than Smoking

CBD has a long-lasting effect than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, people would smoke less CBD than tobacco cigarettes. It will save the users money as they will smoke less.

The opportunity cost here is high, and a rational consumer will switch to CBD based alternative.

The Legality of CBD Products

In Canada, CBD and CBD products have been legalised under the Cannabis Act. The age limit has been set at 19 years and 18+ years in Quebec and Alberta.

Therefore, CBD products are safe to use as long as they are manufactured by a reputed company in the field and audited and certified by an independent body.

Tackling Withdrawal Symptoms

There is a withdrawal phase in the cycle of quitting tobacco. There could be a lot of negative symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, change in appetite, high blood pressure, and many more. It is quite common for a person to reach out for a cigarette when faced with these symptoms.

CBD and CBD products help you calm down, reduce anxiety and stress.

CBD will also tackle the triggers and symptoms that come from the aftermath of quitting smoking. Some researchers have concluded in their studies that CBD helps in reducing such triggers.

Identifying the Right CBD Products

It is extremely important to choose the right product to give you positive results in your journey to quit smoking. This process requires time and patience; therefore, it is extremely crucial.

Therefore, users must keep a few of these points in mind while choosing the product:
• Less than 1% THC content
• Should have organically sourced hemp
• Audited and certified products by an independent body

CBDMagic, a trusted CBD retailer based in Canada, offers a wide variety of CBD products, including oils, vapes, edibles, topicals, pet-friendly CBD and more. You can browse through their huge list of products to find a solution that best appeals to you.

Everyone should do their research and read more about the product and compare it. It will help ease the decision-making process before you choose a product for your journey to quit smoking. It is advised that you consult a trained professional or a doctor before selecting a CBD-based product and the correct dosage to take. We hope that his article helped you learn about a natural and less known alternative to many for an age-old problem.