Athletes constantly subject their bodies to an enormous amount of strain before and during a competitive event. This strain can be problematic to preparation as it can lead to unexpected injuries and athletes spending an extended period of time recovering on the sidelines. Stress can affect all levels of athletes. It has led amateur, intermediate or professional level athletes to look for legal supplements that will help them boost their overall performance and recovery from injuries.

CBD for Athletes

Fortunately, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a legal, natural supplement that all different athletes can use. Elite athletes can now include CBD in their preparation plan for a competitive athletic event. They can also make use of CBD even on competition day.

In 2018, CBD was removed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from their exclusive list of banned substances. It makes CBD a legal substance that athletes can buy and use while preparing for or competing in athletic competition. This remainder of this article highlights how CBD can boost the athletic performance and recovery time of athletes.

CBD Reduces Inflammation of Skeletal Muscle

Top athletes spend a lot of time working out in the gym. Gym work often includes lifting heavy weights to help build skeletal muscle mass. Also, high interval intensity training (HIIT) provides athletes with many bodybuilding and performance benefits.

However, HIIT can put a huge strain on the skeletal muscles of athletes. Intense workouts can lead to muscle strains, cramps, and burnout. Torn or damaged muscle ligaments can result in inflammation, and this in itself can be extremely painful. But with CBD, you can significantly reduce muscle inflammation and effectively subdue the pain that comes with the inflammation.

It is one reason why CBD is a highly demanded natural medication. Athletes looking to speed up their recovery from muscular injuries can use CBD to relieve inflammation and pain. CBD use will encourage quick healing by improving your ability to get adequate rest and sleep. In addition, CBD can boost your immune system response to inflammation while also helping you to manage chronic joint and muscle pain properly.

CBD Improves Sleep Quality

Do you know that athletes build their muscle mass quicker when they get proper rest and sleep? It’s at the point of sleep that skeletal muscles heal, grow, and develop. At this point, the body produces more amino acids (C1INH and C4 proteins). Protein synthesis then occurs, which leads to skeletal muscle growth.

CBD is known to promote good rest and high-quality sleep. With better rest and sleep, athletes can also improve their recovery time. Their minds will be refreshed, and with a better mental state, the performance of athletes will be significantly improved.

Sleeping for between 8 to 10 hours will boost strength and alertness. CBD is a natural and safe medication for promoting relaxation while curbing sleeping disorders, including insomnia.

CBD Resolves Anxiety and Stress

Winning is just the nature of every athlete. But winning at all costs can put an enormous amount of anxiety and stress on an athlete. Stress and anxiety are counterproductive to the overall performance of an athlete.

You can gain relief from stress when you use CBD. Cannabidiol can help lower your body’s release of cortisol (stress) hormones while also allowing you to relax and have a better rest time. The relaxing effects of CBD will relieve you of your anxiety worries while keeping you upbeat at the same time.

CBD Improves Appetite

The role of nutrition in enhancing the performance of an athlete cannot be over emphasised. Good food is needed to provide adequate energy for training and workout.

Athletes experiencing eating disorders due to mental issues like depression and anxiety can use CBD to help resolve their mental problems and improve their appetite. CBD will also boost your metabolism and promote thermogenesis which then leads to an increased appetite.

CBD Is Not Addictive or Psychoactive

These are probably the most telling benefits of CBD to athletic performance. Imagine getting “high” before and during a competitive event. You would imagine that this would not be an incredible sight. But CBD is a non-psychoactive, natural supplement that athletes can use to improve their athletic capabilities.

Even though this cannabis is extracted from the Cannabis plant, it is different from THC, which is also a Cannabis cannabinoid, but with psychoactive properties. Also, CBD is not an addictive cannabinoid. While CBD effectively relieves inflammation and pain, it does not have addictive properties like morphine and many other over-the-counter pain medications.

CBD Improves Cardio

Using CBD will help improve your cardio by promoting red blood cell production. Increased red blood cells will boost the amount of oxygen supplied to all parts of your body, including your heart. It improves your cardiovascular conditioning and stamina, which are essential to athletic performance. Furthermore, a study about the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can help athletes optimize their workouts.

CBD will also improve your body’s energy levels which is necessary for HIIT. What’s more, using CBD can greatly increase your strength, power, and endurance levels.

What to Remember

Are you an athlete looking for a natural supplement to aid your preparation? You should seriously consider adding CBD to your workout plan. CBD is perfectly legal to use for starters, and WADA has removed the cannabinoid from their list of banned substances. Secondly, CBD is not a psychoactive and addictive drug.

Thirdly, CBD offers a number of physical and mental benefits to boost athletic performance. CBD will improve sleep quality, relieve muscular pain, increase appetite, improve stamina, strength, and energy.

Also, CBD relieves stress and anxiety by relaxing your body and mind. CBD is the ultimate supplement for recovery from HIIT induced injuries. This cannabinoid should be a staple in every athlete’s list of naturally derived medications ideal for preparing for competitive sporting events.

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